Why GigWorx?

Our leadership team has almost 40 years of experience in the staffing business. You'll have seasoned mentors guiding you through your journey. Over 90% of franchises succeed and become sustainably profitable. That's why a GigWorx staffing agency franchise is the smart choice.

Grab Your Piece of the Gig Economy
People are working multiple jobs because they need extra income and flexibility. But there should be better options than driving strangers around in their personal vehicles or delivering food.

That's What GigWorx Offers
GigWorx provides a variety of flexible jobs across multiple industries, everything from administrative to hospitality to construction to manufacturing and logistics, and more – the jobs that keep the economy growing. 

Our Technology

why GigWorx

A Winning Brand
Jumpstart your success! As a franchisee, you get a recognized brand and marketing assistance from day one. Our proven marketing playbook will help you create brand awareness and grow your business in no time!

Training and Support
Worried about not knowing the ropes? We've got your back. Our comprehensive training combines web-based and in-person sessions for franchisees and employees – whatever suits your learning style.
Don't Go It Alone

Available in Multiple Markets
GigWorx is not geographically limited. You can set up shop where you see the most potential, in a bustling city, quiet suburb, or small town with many available markets.
Available Markets